One hour of downtime costs over 90.000 € to 98% of companies*

Learn how digital transformation success depends on service level governance.


Through smarter infrastructure,
improve your key performance indicators.

BeeIN is the first Slovenian Operator, focused on the digitization of Industry Verticals, such as Electric Power, Logistics and Manufacturing. Our mission is to increase the sustainable competitiveness of these industries by combining cloud-based, SaaS applications and platforms with smart robotization of production and distribution processes.


Investing in Smart Infrastructure with strong
SLAs yields high returns on investment.

Operational cost savings ROI
of 10x to 20x
over 5 years.

According to ABI Research and Ericsson, deploying dedicated cellular-enabled industry 4.0 solutions can generate operational cost savings ROI of 10x to 20x over 5 years. In aggregate, these solutions can generate 8.5% in Operational Cost Savings, which equates to 175 to 500 EUR per sqm per year for a factory or industrial site.

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On average, 60% of your warehouse workers time is spent on transporting themselves around the warehouse.

This opens the door for smart robotization, which de-skills one part, while up-skilling others, allowing to refocus the workforce on the higher value tasks and an overall more effective warehousing process.

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Recognize the benefits of digital
transformation built on an augmented
5G platform

Smart factories:

Process optimization through Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Higher throughput through autonomous robots and guided vehicles in assembly industry.

Transparency of quality assurance processes across the assembly supply chain with Big Data, AI and Blockchain.

Electric Power Industry:

Stronger contribution to national and supra-national decarbonization targets.

Integration of high amounts of energy from dispersed production facilities, connected to the distribution network.

Increase of the number of connected heat pumps and charging stations for electric vehicles to the distribution network.

Logistics companies:

Reduce risk by increasing visibility and tracking throughout the entire supply chain by means of IoT and Blockchain.

Virtual and augmented reality for remote support/management and for increasing safety.

Vegetation Control and other asset management challenges of the rail and road transport infrastructure.

Create flexible solutions, tailored
to industrial customers' needs.


Connectivity services are of key importance of all digitisation use cases that depend on mission-critical communication. As a digital operator we offer private connectivity-as-a-service, covered by SLA agreements, driven to cover the required KPIs in terms of throughput, latency and density.

Digital services
and applications

From mission critical push-to-talk MCPTT operational communication, over digital twins, artificial intelligence machine learning AI/ML and augmented reality on the factory floor, and the automatic guided vehicles AGVs that drive tomorrow’s logistics and supply chains, BeeIN understand the needs of industry verticals in order to contribute to defining forward looking investments and solutions.

turnkey projects

To enable customers to focus on optimizing their core business processes, BeeIN envisions the required digitization initiatives as turnkey projects, delivered with the professionalism that industry verticals have come to expect.

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What makes us the perfect
partner for you?


The "fifth generation" of telecommunication systems, or 5G, will be one of the most critical building blocks of our digital economy and society in the next decade. BeeIN's team of passionate telco experts have what it takes to bring this potential from the drawing table to industrial realities.


Global standards such as those championed by the 3GPP telco community challenge monolithic and monopolistic technology approaches. Rather, they allow vendors, system integrators and operators to join forces and create flexible solutions, tailored to industrial customers' needs.


The Industrial application of Internet of Things (IIoT) creates opportunities to build powerful software platforms to gather better production process insights. Effective use of these insights is vital for the continuous process improvements that maintains the competitiveness of organizations.


Building on more than 70 years of tradition in conceptualising, developing, manufacturing, providing quality, integration and the installation of complex, highly reliable and highly available communication solutions, BeeIN hits the ground running when it comes to operating 4G and 5G mission critical networks.


We want to bring together the best technology partners from around the world, to build and operate local networks. While our ambition is to replicate solutions in the region, our first focus and dedication is unlock the potential of 5G for Slovenia's industry.


The European Mobile Telco tradition is based on trusted open standards and 5G lies in that tradition. We believe in collaboration and partnerships between business partners without exclusives, helping customers to speed up their innovations.

Latest news, events and trends

11th GALP Conference - Shape your future! 11 November 2021 Zagreb
12. 11. 2021 | News

11th GALP Conference - Shape your future! 11 November 2021 Zagreb

As part of the "100 Smart Factories" project, BeeIN appeared at the GALP conference as one of the partners providing expert support in several areas such as the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Renewable Energy, etc. Damir Opsenica, CEO and Sandra Perica Cvjetko, Mobile Core Network and Industry Application expert were participating in the form of a presentation on building a 5G communication network in a smart factory and in a GALP round table discussion.

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15th Slovenian Energy Conference CIGRE-CIRED Laško
25. 10. 2021 | News

15th Slovenian Energy Conference CIGRE-CIRED Laško

BeeIN contributes to the CIGRE-CIRED annual conference as a silver sponsor.

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Digitalization challenges in the Slovenian energy industry
24. 10. 2021 | News

Digitalization challenges in the Slovenian energy industry

After obtaining frequencies to provide dedicated networks for business-critical communications between devices, BeeIN's Sales Director Kristijan Melinc presents current trends and company plans in the energy industry.

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